About Me

Namaste Everyone, Marissa here. I would like to introduce myself as a child of Earth, a working vessel, a lover of life, a curious seeker, a movement enthusiast, a carrier of medicine, a reflection, a healer, a warrior, a human being.

One of the best ways to understand and know me, is through my art…my work, if you will. Because it is not always play is it? As much as I lavish in the playful nature of things,(and often incorporate it into my healings) if there is one thing I have learned, it is that if I wanna play, I gotta put in the work.

I am blessed to say that I know what my work is for, and I receive immense pleasure from it. But it was not always that way. I had to work through layers of my soul until I discovered the heart of my existence.

I grew up as a dancer, my child and teen hood was spent in various dance studios and after school practices. Despite my involvement, I did not resonate with high-school, the system, or anyone in it. I left public school at 16 and graduated early by 17. And, I had no idea what I wanted, or how to find it.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, I was over-stimulated, out of touch, and grossly misplaced. The industries of sex, drugs, and gambling were a 24/7 exposure. 

On the path of self-discovery, I went through phases of alcoholism, stripping, hustling, card dealing, and overall consumption. I became entirely reckless with myself.

At 22, after working as a gogo dancer and black jack dealer for almost 2 years, I left Vegas and moved to Hawaii, where I went through my personal evolution, or as most call it, my awakening. It was on the sacred lands ok Kauai where I connected deeply to myself and Earth.

Returning to Vegas after almost a year on the island was slightly devastating. It was as if I was seeing the city for the first time. Witnessing Vegas and its massive disconnect, fear of intimacy, and patterns of inauthenticity inspired me to go further on the path of healing and re-connect to what appeared to be lost.

Much of my work/art/healing is somatic and movement based. My fascination with the moving body began as a child. I was a dancer almost my entire life. I thrived mostly in hip hop, modern, and tribal movement. With the mission of expanding my movement and developing my healing I went to India in 2015 where I completed my 200hr YTTC.

Through understanding the mechanics of the body and the usage of breath, I developed stimulating and unique yoga flows that I shared with various studios in Vegas and Asia. I enjoy uniting the asanas with transitional movements that create a dance between the breath and body. I continued to travel around Asia as a yoga teacher, dancer, and performer for about 2 years.

In India of 2017, I stumbled upon Contact Improvisation (CI). Contact improv changed my life and influenced my work/art greatly. There is a special medicine that is received with intentional touch, and innocent intimacy which I discovered through contact dance. I found my niche with CI and began facilitating “playshops” in Thailand, Nevada, and California.

With the intention of exploring the art of touch and intimacy, I attended various intensives and workshops. I discovered my natural sensuality and developed tools to help others embrace theirs.

While living back in Vegas of 2019 I developed “Sensory Awakening”, and shared it within the growing conscious community.

I will own the statement that between my yoga offerings, extensive traveling, contact dance playshops, and sensory awakening workshops, I was very involved in the Vegas conscious community and developed a respected name for myself there.

Despite being so well received in Vegas and inspired by the culture, I knew my spirit could not stay in the City of Sin. I packed my car and moved to Nevada City CA where my work, art, and healings continued to grow.

I have reached a place in my life where I fully acknowledge the ceremony of the human experience. Feeling highly attuned to my surroundings, I am intentional with my outakes and intakes of energy. While I enjoy the lightness that is within our human nature, I also take my work very seriously and dedicate myself to living a life of prayer.

This path has led me to many beautiful destinations, one of which, is ceremonial dancing. With this most recent opportunity, I am stepping into a role  beyond my being, that entails sitting with plant medicines and physically moving the energies that need to be moved with channeled dancing.

Currently, I still reside in Nevada City, where I continue to fill my cups with dance, healing, and connection so I can effectively spill my healing/art/work/ onto others.

I travel in and out of the USA often and for various reasons, as you can see, I have many offerings and each hold a unique value.

From art modeling to fire-dancing, prayer movement to sensual exploration, majority of my work focuses on connecting the human vessel to spirit. Uniting tangibility to what is untouched and exploring the mystery that lies in-between.

There are many chapters to my story, and I have attempted to condense the highlights onto a single page, if you wish to know more, please reach out, click the links that elaborate more on my offerings, and/or read through some of my blog posts. (located at the bottom of the home screen)