Achieving Through Presence

Achieving Through Presence

I have been thinking of some achievements from this past year that I am quite proud of… 

I recently read part of a book called Talking with Angels by Gita Mallasz, and it emphasized not looking back. It basically said, to rise into your highest power you must not even think about what was before, it doesn’t exist anymore, and does not serve the present mission. Not that the past is bad, or that one should run from it, but simply evolve from it.

The butterfly does not reminisce about the time it was a caterpillar. 

However, all past experiences are necessary, for they have prepared us for THIS PRESENT MOMENT.

Presence is everything…and nothing. It is a divine entirety of our past, presence, and future.

These accomplishments I wish to share, were not set as New Year’s resolutions. In fact, most were not pre-set at all. Some of them I had never imagined. But here they are, some accomplishments this year that came from rising up, bowing down, and surrendering to the present moment.

  Launching my website

I had 3 months on a small Thai island, Koh Yao Noi, where I was teaching yoga at a spa resort.

 I also had lots of time to myself on this quiet island, so I decided by the end of the 3 months I would have a website launched. The journey of accomplishing this was grand.

Anyone who has built a website understands that it takes seemingly endless steps to get ONE thing right.

I ended up on extensive phone conversations with my mom who has a built a few websites herself  (and who was 30 hours away on a 14-hour time difference). She helped me greatly with the process, and my website was successfully launched after only 2 months.

    Hiking The Great wall of China, barefoot, on an 18 hour layover

Well, I was leaving Thailand, and going back to America.

I have never been a fan of shoes, and boarding an international flight was not really an exception. Barefoot and barely ready, I boarded the plane from Thailand to Beijing, China where I had an 18-hour layover.

I had an incredible final 48 hours on Thailand and very little sleep, so I immediately slept for about 4 hours, then found a taxi to The Great Wall.

Once I arrived at the Great Wall, I had the choice of taking a cable car to the top or walking. I decided to walk, but had no idea that meant walking up thousands of steep steps to reach the 2,225 ft high world wonder.

And what a beautiful wonder it was.

Sweaty, exhausted, and barefoot, I reached the top in about 45 minutes. At the top, I was greeted with staggering countryside views and deep inner accomplishment.  The Great Wall is 5,500 miles long and would take about 18 months to walk.

I was happy to explore for an hour and decided to take the cable car back down.

 A well deserved 10-minute ride through the air after an intense stair hike and another hour walk.

I as exhausted. I slept the ride back to the airport, I slept most of the remainder of my layover, and I slept the whole 13 hour ride from Beijing to Vegas.


For those that don’t know a lot about Ayahuasca and her medicine, Ayahuasca is a tropical vine native to the Amazon.

The bark of the tree is made into a brew along with other ingredients and ingested ceremonially.

I had interest in plant medicines and was guided to an opportunity from a trusted source in southern Thailand.

The ceremonies and entire experience changed my life.   There was a higher recognition of source within self and I flew higher after the ceremonies. The medicine revealed to me (what felt like) life’s most best kept secrets.

If you are interested in hearing more about my journeys with Ayahuasca, I will be making a more detailed post soon.  

 Sacred Sexual Awakening

Another deep journey that took me inwards to achieve higher parts of myself.

Without going into too much detail, I  never really went through an “explorative phase”….until this past year.

And through this explorative and liberating journey I had some beautiful, safe and conscious experiences that have led to immense healing and deeper self discovery.

Through a variety of practices, experiences, workshops, and playshops I feel I understand my sexual energy. And that is, that it is always evolving and growing in so many ways, just like everything in life. And it is 100% natural and pure when practiced consciously. It is a divine part of each of us that can be understood through exploration, nourishment, and love.


Many people don’t know, but I enrolled in almost full-time online college for this semester.

I enrolled through College of Southern Nevada, while in Thailand, and I had not done college in over 5 years.

The first day of the semester was August 26th and I landed in America the 27th, so I started slightly behind….

As soon as I landed in the USA I started almost full-time school, teaching yoga 5 times a week, modeling, and weekly events. I was seriously a mad woman for the past 3 months.

But the semester just ended, and my grades are as follows:

  • History of Rock & Roll – 88% with an A on the final paper.
  • Goddess Traditions – 82% No final but about 2 page papers due every week. Definitely the most time consuming and my favorite course.
  • Critical Thinking – 89% with an A on the final. 

NOTE I got granted full financial coverage on all my college courses plus an extra lump sum for further financial aid and none of this do I need to payback unless I fail a class!


 My journey as a performer was so unexpected, like most of the above journeys, and it took off further than I ever could have imagined. 

I had been hooping for years, but only started fire-hooping August of last year. With fire-hooping, many unexpected opportunities opened up. I discovered I could make money as a fire-hooper/performer.

 From September of last year to August of this year, I was  getting booked for shows and performances in Thailand and India.

As I said, most of these accomplishments happened in the moment and took off naturally.

I did not set the intention of doing Ayahuasca or having a Sexual Awakening, it happened through divine timing and presence.

Every moment is a compilation of what we were before, will be after, are now, and never was.

But it is the present moment that we are made for. 

Here and Now. Be present, and continue flowing from precious moment to precious moment.

Artwork by Adam Scott Miller

Like clouds in the sky, free from form and always moving.

Because life is always moving. Trees grow, flowers bloom, rocks form, air blows, waves crash, and people dance. Whether it’s through the airport, in school, or on the Great Wall of China, may you dance with the rhythm of life and recognize all your achievements along the way.

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