Art Modeling

A Muse for art

Marissa started modeling around Las Vegas in 2015, and since then, she has evolved greatly within the art. She has been published in 2 magazines, modeled for photographers in Asia, and broadened her creativity on many levels.

It’s clear that Marissa does more than pose. She is a visionary artist and puts her passions in her shoots. It’s important to understand that she isn’t in the field as a lingerie model, but as a conscious art model.

“I am here to express and create art. I want to help your creative vision come to life! I am here to push the edge and re-define.” Marissa

Be prepared to thoroughly discuss ideas, projects, rates, and propositions BEFORE booking.

Since broadening her creative horizons, Marissa now coordinates & styles photoshoots for other models and photographers.

She is also available for private coaching for new and upcoming models.

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Published Work

Fine Art Nude


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