Why Try Yoga?

The benefits from developing a yoga practice are endless, but here are a few.

Yoga will:

  • Increase your strength and flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost immunity
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve respiration and energy levels
  • Help keep your busy mind present
  • Allow you to become more familiar with your body, movement, and breath

How will Marissa’s Yoga Instruction Help You?

Although Marissa is  qualified to teach all levels of vinyasa, yin, kids yoga, & pre-natal, her preferred yoga style is a creative power vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga is extremely popular all over the world, but she interjects her own style to enhance the flow for her students in four ways.

1. Creative Transitions and Release Techniques

You will learn different transitions from pose to pose, and experiment with free movement and release techniques which she learned through her dancing.

2. Empathetic Instruction

Marissa pushes her students, but is intuitive enough to see when a student needs to take a child’s pose or short rest. She is confident enough to place her hands on her students and mindfully assist or adjust them in postures.

She will observe to see where your struggles and strengths are, and takes time to properly break down poses offering tools (such as modifications) to help ease any struggles.

3. Breath

Above all else, she teaches that the most important part of each asana is the breath.

“If you are forcing yourself into a pose that is so uncomfortable you have lost complete breath awareness, you gain nothing and risk injury.”-Marissa

4. Respect for your Body

Yoga is not all about the postures, it’s about honoring the body by listening to it and understanding when you need to back out of a pose or go further.

Marissa reminds her students to pause in each asana and acknowledge the current rhythm of the breath.

“I Would Love to Help You Reap the Benefits of Yoga in Your Life”

Marissa is available for the following:

  • Group instruction
  • Events or workshops
  • Private in-person instruction
  • Private virtual instruction with personalized yoga videos


“Marissa masters her trade and her passion for yoga is captivating. She is very joyful, balanced, thorough and is motivated to provide value by focusing on individual needs.” -Timo (Bangkok)

Marissa engages with her class members in a very warm, gentle, and connective way. I would happily attend Marissa’s classes any day and feel very confident in referring her in any further yoga endeavors” –Carol (Australia)

“Marissa is a great yoga teacher, who can easily adapt her teaching style to different skill levels, nationalities and ages. -Stephanie (Germany)

” Came to Thailand from the UK and attended as many classes of Marissa’s as I could. Sheis a great teacher with a free flowing class, clear instructions, and attention to detail.” -Heather (England)

Enrich Your Life or the Lives of Your Guests with Yoga Instruction

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A Brief Resume

My career as a yoga instructor has been my biggest ticket abroad. This is likely because it is the trade in which I am most confident and feel most enriched. Giving the gift of yoga – guiding people through breath and movement and leading them into a meditation – is the most rewarding part of this incredible trade. My personal yoga practice began in 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I became a certified yoga teacher in India in early 2016. Since then, I have taught in Thailand, India, Cambodia and the U.S. I have over 1,000 hours of teaching under my belt with experience in all levels of vinyasa, yin, prenatal, beginner partner yoga and kid’s yoga.