Using breath and movement to harmonize the body from the inside out.

How can you benefit from a yoga practice?

Yoga can:

~Increase your physical, mental, and spiritual health
~Enhance body alignment and mobility
~Connect you to your body, movement, and breath
~Detoxify the body and slow the effects of aging
~Improve sleep
~Boost immunity and metabolism
~Improve respiration and heart health
~Increase energy levels and mindful presence
~Decrease stress and anxiety
~Build strength and flexibility

Every practice is unique, each body is different.
What style of yoga will suit your needs?

Vinyasa, in Sanskrit means connection

A series of rhythmic postures, timed with breath. Each movement flows into the next, creating a seamless flow of breath and movement. This is practice that uses equal amounts strength, flexibility, and breath.  Vinyasa yoga focuses on connecting breath to movement, mind to body, and posture to posture.

Yin, in Sanskrit means moon

A slow paced and therapeutic style that is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles. This is a practice that targets deep connective tissues such as the fascia, joints, ligaments, and bones. Yin yoga focuses on releasing energy and opening up blockages by holding deep stretches for longer periods of time.

YoDa, a fusion of yoga and dance

An explorative practice through traditional yoga poses and abstract dance techniques. This is a practice to help broaden your range of motion, and ignite creativity in your movement. YoDa focuses on finding expressive space within the base of your flow.

Private classes, A customized yoga class

This is a private class that focuses on enhancing you and your personal practice with undivided attention. Go into the depths of your practice with guidance specific to your body, needs, and goals.

Available for group, private, in person, and online services!


“Marissa masters her trade and her passion for yoga is captivating. She is very joyful, balanced, thorough and is motivated to provide value by focusing on individual needs,” says Timo from Bangkok.

“Marissa engages with her class members in a very warm, gentle, and connective way. I would happily attend Marissa’s classes any day and feel very confident in referring her in any further yoga endeavors,” says Carol from Australia.

“Marissa is a great yoga teacher, who can easily adapt her teaching style to different skill levels, nationalities and ages,” says Stephanie from Germany.

“Came to Thailand from the UK and attended as many classes of Marissa’s as I could. She is a great teacher with a free flowing class, clear instructions, and attention to detail,” says Heather from England.