Cacao Ceremonies

Marissa has mastered her cacao recipes and uses organic, fair trade ingredients. Her Cacao is typically sourced from Guatemala, and often, from a provider who returns some of the proceeds to indigenous tribes

Marissa’s facilitates from the heart space, and it reflects in her ceremonies. Her ceremonies are lovingly sprinkled with one or more of the following 

  • art
  • music
  • dance
  • oracle cards
  • journaling
  • yoga asanas
  • tantric practices
  • breathwork
  • meditation.

Marissa keeps her cacao ceremonies creative while honoring the ancestral medicine as a modern day gift. 

Marissa began experimenting with various cacao recipes in 2015, and she began serving the heart medicine in Thailand of 2018. Since then, she has held ceremonial space throughout Las Vegas and some cities in California. Marissa has become notorious within the Vegas conscious community for her cacao recipes and ceremonies.

If you are interested in purchasing pre-made drinking cacao, or want to book Marissa for private/group cacao ceremonies, you can contact Marissa here.