Somatic Series

The human body stores trauma and emotion that cannot always be reached through talk therapy. Somatic Ceremony uses the body to feel those traumas and movement to release them.

Free the body from the mind.

The Release of stored trauma and stagnant emotion will clear pathways within the body for chi (energy) to flow and generate through.

The body Speaks, are you listening?

Connection is created through communication. Understanding your somatic language will bring you a deeper knowing and fuller trust of your whole self.

Connecting to yourself will lead to more fulfilled connections with others.

Going within the body will lead beyond it…



Experience holistic approach and ceremonial setting for your somatic healing, and expressive embodiment.


-Available for in person ceremonies only-
-Schedule a consultation for your somatic ceremony-


What is a somatic series?

~A somatic series is a set of (usually weekly) sessions dedicated to the exploration, expansion, and comprehension of your somatic expression.~

Through a series of personalized sessions, you will be guided through the depths of your motional and emotional bodies to bring them into union. We offer you various tools to speak, listen, and respond to the body, with the body. We want you to have a trusting and understanding relationship with your body and its innate knowing. Apparatus’s such as somatic language, expressive release, and energetic movement will help bring you there.

What will you gain from Somatic Series

~Build a deeper connection to your body by understanding the language of your body
~Receive meditative practices and ritualistic practices focused on the attainment of your expressive healing
~Explore the healing movements of dance
~Release shames, doubts, fears, and anxieties
Feel confident, empowered, embodied, and present in the body

-Available for in person and/or online session series-
-Schedule a consultation for your somatic expression-


What is somatic language?

Somatic language is your bodies unique reaction and expression to it’s surrounding energies. It is the way your body physically communicates.

What is Somatic attuning?

Somatic attuning is developing an UNDERSTANDING of your somatic language therefore knowing how to speak, listen, and respond to the body. It is understanding how to communicate to, with, and thru the physical body.

How can I understand your somatic language and achieve somatic attunement?

By dedicating yourself to building a connection to the motional and emotional body. This is a journey of deep decoding and delayering. Each body has its unique codes and emotional layers. Through various embodiment techniques and movement practices, I will help you identify what is felt and where it is felt. I offer gentle guidance and supportive space for the exploration of your somatic expression, allowing you to develop a stronger and more comprehensive relationship with the body.

What is the emotional and motional body?

The emotional body is the collection of emotions that you humanly feel and embody. The body physical holds and releases these emotions through various areas and movements. The motional body is the physical movement of these emotions. It is the use of movement to physically express, move, and release the energies of the emotional body.