Somatic Ceremony and Expression

The human body stores trauma and emotion that cannot be reached with talk therapy. Marissa’s work as a somatic healer focuses on finding those traumas and emotions, and releasing them from the body.

Have you ever felt STUCK in the body?

Are you experiencing physical pain in certain areas, and don’t know why?

Do you feel energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, or creatively blocked?

Liberate your body, move your energy, heal yourself

Somatic Ceremony

Marissa offers a holistic approach and ceremonial setting for your somatic healing, and expressive embodiment. She deeply tunes into her clients bodies, and identifies where emotion is felt and trauma is stored. She then assists, guides, and supports the process of expressing, moving, and releasing that energy. Thus, leading her clients through a journey of somatic healing.

What is a somatic ceremony?

A somatic ceremony is a multi-hour journey devoted to your body, held within a safe, sacred, and supported container.

Witness and experience:

  • healing of movement
    • expression of energy
      • ceremony of dance
        • embodiment of prayer

“A channeled vessel for the movement of energy.”


-Available for in person ceremonies only-

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-Somatic Expression-

Through a series of sessions, Marissa guides her clients into the exploration of their somatic expression. She takes her clients into the depths of their motional and emotional bodies, thus uniting them. She shares her knowledge on speaking, listening, and responding to the body, with the body, bringing a deeper sense of somatic connection, and an expanded range of expression.

What will you gain from Somatic expression sessions?

  • Build a deeper connection to your body by understanding the language of your body.
  • Receive meditative practices and ritualistic practices focused on the attainment of your expressive healing
  • Explore the healing movements of dance
  • Release shames, doubts, fears, and anxieties
  • Feel confident, empowered, embodied, and present

-Available for in person and/or online session series-

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What is somatic language?

Somatic language is your bodies unique reaction and expression to it’s surrounding energies. It is the way your body physically communicates.

What is Somatic attuning?

Somatic attuning is developing an UNDERSTANDING of your somatic language therefore knowing how to speak, listen, and respond to the body. It is understanding how to communicate to, with, and thru the physical body.

How can I understand your somatic language and achieve somatic attunement?

By dedicating yourself to building a connection to the motional and emotional body. This is a journey of deep decoding and delayering. Each body has its unique codes and emotional layers. Through various embodiment techniques and movement practices, I will help you identify what is felt and where it is felt. I offer gentle guidance and supportive space for the exploration of your somatic expression, allowing you to develop a stronger and more comprehensive relationship with the body.

What is the emotional and motional body?

The emotional body is the collection of emotions that you humanly feel and embody. The body physical holds and releases these emotions through various areas and movements. The motional body is the physical movement of these emotions. It is the use of movement to physically express, move, and release the energies of the emotional body.

What qualifies you to guide me through my somatic attuning and expressive healing?

I have a life long history of dance, traumatic therapy training, a degree in the human arts, experience in touch therapy and hands on healing, years of yogic teachings and experiences, and work a team of holistic healers and natural medicine carriers. I have combined and refined the collections of my studies, experiences, and trainings to focus on the transcendence that occurs through various movement arts, expressions, and healings.