Contact dance is an open end expression of movement inspired by points of touch.

It is the use of basic physics with the combination of bodily trust and understanding that creates a free form dance.

Fundamentals such as rolling sliding and weight are practiced is various ways to loosen the body into a state of surrender.

The benefits of contact dance are profound.

The regular practice and engagement leads to a deeper understanding of ones movement. The dancer will explore new movement and experience new sensations.

It builds immense trust and comfort, along with, strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility.

Above all, contact dance is healing.

The power of touch brings a sensual pleasure of bliss, while remaining rooted in a playful, innocent, and child-like practice.


Marissa has been facilitating contact dance playshops for about 2 years. Her journey began in India when she attended the contact dance festival at Forgotten Land in Arambol Goa. She learned under various renowned contact teachers such as Vega Luukkonen,  Hugh Stanier, Guru Suraj, Malcom Manning, and many more.

After falling in love with the sensual freedom of contact dancing, Marissa went to Koh Phangan where she began guiding contact dance playshops/workshops.


Marissa eventually went to Las Vegas where she continued to facilitate, introducing her home city to her passion.

Like everything Marissa does, she evolved greatly within the art of contact dancing and facilitated workshops at EarthFest, Eden Fest, and various studios in the Las Vegas area.