What is Contact Dance?

Contact dance is an improvised expression of movement guided by different points of contact. It’s the opportunity to explore interactive movement, broaden range of motion, and build trust between two moving bodies. Through this, a sensational dance free of form is created.

Contact improvisation (CI) uses fundamentals such as rolling, sliding, momentum and weight. Marissa facilitates contact “playshops,” to help develop an understanding of CI movements, and overall body awareness.

These playshops use various exercises that will support movers through the basics of contact. Dancers will build connection to their personal body and confidence in moving with another body. Contact dance invites the power and manipulation of touch while remaining rooted in play and exploration.

Marissa has been facilitating contact dance playshops for about two years. Her journey began in India when she attended a contact dance intensive in Arambol Goa. She learned under various renowned contact teachers such as Vega Luukkonen,  Hugh Stanier, Guru Suraj, Malcom Manning, and many more.

After falling in love with the sensual freedom of contact dancing, Marissa went to Koh Phangan Thailand, where she began guiding contact dance workshops.

Marissa eventually returned to her home city, Las Vegas. There, she facilitated a renewed interest in the art of contact dancing. She now offers contact dance playshops at festivals, dance studios, and community events.