Enhanced Movement

Go beyond the basics.

Enhanced Movement is inspired by the theories of Jean Georges Noverre. A dancer and ballet master who analyzed ballet movement into 7 basic categories known today as the 7 movements of dance. ENHANCED movement uses these movements IN ADDITION to other components essential for full-bodied movement expression.

We each have a unique expressive body. This course is a journey through the many depths of dance leading you to the discovery of your full-bodied expression. By understanding the basics, ANYONE can dance.

Enhanced movement 6 week Online Course
Enhanced Movement 2 HR master-class

During these LIVE movement classes you will:

  • Expand your concept of MOTION from physical to universal
  • Develop a deeper CONNECTION to your body
  • Learn the ENHANCED movements of dance
  • Gain CONFIDENCE in your movement
  • Explore the depths and POSSIBILITIES of your dance
  • Understand the SCIENCE of motion
  • Strengthen the EXPRESSION of your dance.

All of the techniques and information are centralized for the development of any movers full bodied expression.

What is included?

  • Live weekly zoom meetings; immersed in movement techniques, breathing exercises, creative expression, and integrative space     (10 hrs total)
  • 6 (1/week) pre-recorded YoDa flow videos (yoga/dance fusion) to build strength in foundation and flexibility in movement.
  • 50 page expressive prompt workbook
  • BONUS- Receive a A weekly PDF featuring a new dance artist, their movement theories, dance techniques, and their great influence.


  • Week 1  Basics & Introduction

Meet one another and explore the basic movements of dance

  • Week 2 Emotional & Motional Body

Explore the physical and mental sensation of dance

  • Week 3 Expand & Contract / Hold & Release

Bring breath in your dance and discover space

  • Week 4 Weight & Gravity 

Learn the art of falling and balance

  • Week 5 Rhythm and Melody

Discover your rhythmic body and melodic prayer

  • Week 6 Expression and Choreo

Alchemize your expressive movement into a fluid flow


What do you need?

  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • A space large enough to move in, and safe enough to express freely in
  • Good internet for zoom
  • Pen & paper for notes 


Are you ready to leave the inhibitions of the mind and dance your expression?

Are you ready to take the courageous steps into your rhythmic body?

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A journey through the depths of your body’s expression.


What to expect?

  • LIVE 2 hour zoom meeting
  • Guided movement meditation
  • A complete breakdown of the bodies basic movements
  • Space to explore the expressive depths of each movement
  • Integrative support
Suitable for any able body, all you need is your vessel and your curiosity.

What Will you Gain?

  • Supported space for your expressive exploration
  • Understanding of your motional range
  • Deeper connection to your dance
  • Comprehensive movement break-down