Hand-Made Crafts


“Mala” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “garland” in English. Malas are a collection of 108 beads, strung with a prayer into each of them. Mala use began in India thousands of years ago, and were traditionally used for counting chants or “mantras”.

Items and intention that went into each mala is listed below.

  • Rudraksha seeds and clear quarts with a white silk tassel for grounding, and spiritual clarity. Earth & ether elements
  • Lotus seeds, turquoise beads, obsidian beads,  moonstone beads and a white silk garland framed by natural lava rock and centered with green garnet stone. Used for spiritual guidance, inner awakening, and clearing obstacles. Water element
  • Orange and green coral, mother of pearl, and mixed sun/moon stone with a black silk tassel. Created with prayers of inner harmony, balance, and equilibrium. Air & fire elements.


Marissa began painting in March of 2020 while in lockdown during the peaks of covid-19. As a movement enthusiast and touch activist, isolation was challenging. Thus, painting became, yet another, cherished outlet.

Mediums and inspiration behind each painting listed below, with available sizes.

  • “Still More” acrylic on 16×20 canvas “Inspired by the intangible essences that yet take breaths, quicken hearts, and weaken knees” Prints available for purchase.
  • “Tiger Lily Wakes” acrylic on 6×6 canvas “Inspired by the lingering nostalgia that is greeted with seasonal change” Prints available for purchase.
  • “Smeared Black” (set) acrylic on 5×5 canvas “Inspired by the colorful beauty of all that is sacred feminine” Prints available for purchase.