CereMotional Movement

Ceremotional movement is a movement journey that will guide you into emotional release through movement.

Marissa has utilized her somatic intelligence, fine tuned her movement knowledge, and incorporated her holistic healing experiences to birth what she calls “Ceremotional Movement”

The purpose of ceremotional movement is to bring you closer to God, Source, Spirit, Earth, YOU through YOUR dance. May you feel the force of life flow within and out of your uniquely moving vessel. May you dance your prayer.

Ceremotional movement can be received as a private and personalized session (customized to your needs) and/or received as a larger generalized class.

Ceremotional movement sessions consist of

  • In depth consultation focused on how you can gain the most from a session
  • Exploration of breath and movement (yoga, meditation, etc)
  • Excerices to unite the motional and emotional body
  • Various Embodiment practices to assist in the attunement of your body
  • Sensory journey
  • Abstract movement techniques
  • Tools to recognize and utilize YOUR dance and movement form
  • Ceremonial cacao and (in some cases) other medicinal offerings