Sensory Awakening

Sensory awakening is a guided journey through each of the five sacred senses. Sight. Taste. Touch. Smell. Sound.

Experience the five senses as gifts of bliss and embodied pleasure. The stimulation of our senses – independently and in their totality – brings presence, awareness, self-understanding, and ceremony into your daily life.

Marissa brings focus to the natural sensual body and offers tools to heighten the senses. These tools can be used to bring more intimacy with both yourself and others. She aspires to explore the spaces of intimate connection and sensual stimulation without sexual motives. Her containers are held around honored boundaries, expressed consent, and sensual innocence.

Marissa guides participants through a journey of personal inner connection before inviting space for outer connecting interactions through giving and receiving arousal of the senses. Using simple daily items and simple daily habits, she expands sensual awareness.

The sensory awakening workshop

This interactive workshop offers insight and discussion on the characteristics of sensuality and sexuality.

“Sexual and sexuality are directly related to sex, while sensual and sensuality are directly related to the senses.”

Understanding the dynamics of sense, sex, and intimacy leads to a better understanding of ones own needs, desires, motives, expressions, and projections. 

Marissa birthed this in depth workshop while living in Las Vegas. Within the busy city she witnessed  over-stimulation, neglect of the sensory gifts, and a misunderstanding of the differences between sensuality and sexuality. Motivated to bring light to her home city, she created “Sensory Awakening”, and has shared the workshop at events and studios within Las Vegas and California. 

If you are interested in booking a group or private session, get in touch with Marissa.