Yoga Tutorial: Crow Pose to Headstand

Yoga Tutorial: Crow Pose to Headstand

If you already have a  solid yoga crow prose (bakasana) and you have a strong tripod headstand (sirsasana) then you might be ready for a new yoga adventure.

Have you thought about combining the two for a playful challenge? Transitioning from crow into headstand is a fun way to develop your already well-developed crow and headstand into a groovy flow.

Combining these moves will help strengthen both poses, prepare you for other challenging transitions, and encourage you to engage different muscles.

And going upside down is always fun, right?

Here is a video tutorial and breakdown on how to transition from yoga crow pose into headstand and back into crow pose.

See below the video for more detailed step-by-step instructions and tips for this challenging transition.


Yoga Crow Pose to Headstand Tips

Yoga crow pose tutorial

#1 – Straighten the arms

Once you are in your crow position, try to push more through your hands working towards straightening your arms. This will help facilitate a smooth transition of placing your head on the earth, preparing for headstand.

#2 – Transition the head to the earth

Shift the weight slightly forward. Then really, really tuck the chin and keep the core super tight as you place the head on the earth. Legs should be on the triceps or upper arm.

Yoga crow pose into headstand tutorial


#3 – Move into headstand

Push a lot through the hands to make sure you aren’t putting too much pressure on the neck and head. Lift the legs keeping them tight and together moving them straight up.

Keep the spine stacked! You want one straight line from crown to root chakra.

Yoga crow pose into headstand step by step tutorial


#4 – Bring legs down

While legs are together and tight, bring them into the belly and place them back on the triceps. Make sure the knees are placed in a sturdy spot on the arms.

Yoga crow pose tutorial


#5 – Get BACK into crow pose

Now it’s time for the tricky part.

Shift the weight slightly into the back of the palms while still actively pushing through them, start to peel the head from the earth and move the gaze forward. Once head is lifted start to straighten up through the arms to help keep you in the crow pose.

Often during this step, people will hold crow for just a second before falling back onto their bottoms or falling forward onto the head again. So, to keep the crow strong, push straight up through the arms and evenly distribute the weight on the hands again.

how to do Yoga crow pose


Hope this helps you lovely yogis with smooth transitions! Good luck!

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